more batteries needed

12 09 2009

Last night I decided to finally do a run-time test on my helmet light to see what sort of times I can expect out of it during the scott. I have never run the helmet light completely out of juice in one sitting before, but had used an online LED runtime calculator which showed that I should expect roughly 5 hours out of it.  That would be OK if the battery pack I was using was new, however it is getting a little long in the tooth and someone has opened the paddock gate and quite a few of the mAh have bolted.

So i set everything up infront of a fan to keep it cool and proceeded to watch movies by torchlight.

3 hours 51 minutes was the final run time….. oh dear.

I had based my calculations of how many batteries I was going to need off a 4.5 hour run time (assuming I wasn’t going to use the last half hour in the battery when i swap it in transition). So this morning sees me order yet more batteries from deal extreme just to make sure that I am not going to run out – I will now be packing the equivalent of a 14.8v, 26.4Ah battery.

Part of me argues that if I run out of light, it will be time to sleep. The other part of me says HTFU princess!. At this point in time, I am choosing to listen to the latter.




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