DIY tyre sealant

15 09 2009

Since everyone in our CRC order purchased tyre, it seemed like now might be a good time to experiment with some DIY tyre sealant recipes I have come across here. Finding the ingredients in Newcastle was pretty straight forward. The liquid latex came from Eckersley’s (an art supply store) although it was later suggested that ‘adult’ shops might have all kinds of interesting latex that could be used for sealant. The car tyre slime and ethylene glycol (radiator coolant) came from super cheap auto and the water came out of the tap.

The recipe I have mixed is:

1 part Latex mold builder

1 part radiator coolant

1 part tyre slime

2 parts water.

Pour into large bottle and thoroughly shake to mix. Glitter (you know the stuff that pre-teen girls cover everything in) may be added at any point as an additional plugging agent to block holes.

It has resulted in a pale green mixture that has the consistency of slightly off milk… i.e mostly runny but lots of small chunky lumpy bits to plug up holes.The liquid latex was the expensive ingredient, it was nearly $40 however I did end up with a large jar that will make many litres of sealant. The slime was about $12 and the radiator coolant was negligable.

Since I am using it in UST tyres, it probably doesn’t really matter how well it works as it will hold air regardless. However Doc Rob will be using non UST Rocket Ron’s in an effort to be a weight weenie so this will be an excellent test of the brew. If Doc Rob see’s success and doesn’t tear the sidewall out of his tyres, then I may be persuaded  to run non-UST tyres next  time around.

I will report back if there are any catastrophic failures or if I have to take the tyre off and get a chance to see how it is looking on the inside.

The ingredients and the end product on the right

The ingredients and the end product on the right



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16 01 2010
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