I got the anthem back just in time…

25 09 2009

Outstanding!! No hard tail for 4 hours!!

A massive thanks to the guys at Gateshead Cycles who worked wonders to get my bike ready in time. I called Michael on Tuesday afternoon and out conversation went something like this….

Me: ” Hi Michael, I dropped my bike into another shop a week ago an was assured it would be ready by this weekend. So far it is completely untouched. What is your turn around time for fork seals”

Michael “What sort of fork is it and what is wrong with it?”

Me: “Fox 32, one of the seals is weaping quite a bit of oil”

Michael: “I have some seals due in on thursday. I can have it ready by the weekend”

Me: “Your kidding, you can do it in 2 days?”

Michael: “Yeah, shouldn’t be a problem, I have a couple of guys on and they will look after it”.

What a revelation. To make things even better, when I picked the bike up, they have fitted enduro seals rather than the standard fox seals. I had been meaning to get that done at the next service but was happy to take what I could get at such short notice, so to find an LBS who actually carries quality stock is a massive bonus.

Bring on tomorrow’s race 😀




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