B.F.O hill

4 10 2009

As myself and Dr Rob found out today, Mt Faulk road doesn’t stop at the HMBA entry gate.

We parked at the gate and decided to explore and see where the road goes. As it turns out, it goes up….. a long way up!

It took us nearly 28 minutes to climb it and was nearly 6 km’s long. That is definitely the longest uninterrupted climb I have ever done. Rob cursed and swore quite a bit to start with, then proceeded to ride away from me as he got progressively more angry at the never ending hill. When we reached the top, we found a sign indicating the road goes the whole way to Cessnock! This might just turn out to be the perfect training route for the Fling.

We then proceeded to turn around and ride back to the start of Jenkins road. Crazy fast, loose gravel corners with intense corragations, in short – lots of good fun. You could smell the distinct aroma of burning brake pads coming from Rob’s bike when we reached the bottom.

A couple of laps of Awaba to finish off. The track is looking great, all this rain has killed the dust at last.




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