Parts are on the bike

7 10 2009

All the goodies are on the bike now.

i.e new: cranks, bottom bracket, chain, cassette, cables and brake pads.

Dr Rob and I bled the front and rear brakes and cured the noisy, vibrating rear brake issue.

I spent a little bit of time re-bleeding them trying to get equal lever thow between front and rear levers. I got a much better balance but eventually decided I was going to cause myself more dramas than it was worth if i kept going. I was bound to contaminate some pads or something else silly and regret that I didn’t quit while i was ahead.

The shifting is now effortless so I have much less dread for this event – I was actually fearful of how hard it was to shift gears and the accompanying hand fatigue that would have made the last half of the race a single speed effort.

My list of things to take is nearly done, the last of my batteries are nearly charged – bring it on!

p.s There should be live timing on either the scott 24 website or rotorburn.




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