No agenda, just enjoyment.

23 10 2009

Today I went for a ride.  Not a long ride, not a fast ride, not a difficult ride and most certainly not a training ride. Today I just rode because I like being on my bike. I like being in the bush, I like listening to the birds and I like listening to the thunder of the spring storms rolling up the coast.

It has been quite some time since I have done this and it felt liberating. I wasn’t training for a race, I wasn’t teaching the Mrs to handle obstacles, I wasn’t testing parts on the bike.

I even took the camera along as it occurred to me that although these trails might be intimately familiar to me, there might actually be something of interest for other people out there. There was also a small amount of inspiration from this blog which has some amazing photographs from some beautiful parts of the world. Since it was threatening to rain cats and dogs, I left the D$LR at home, so I have done the best I could with the convenient jersey pocket sized point and shoot.

Enjoy your bike and happy trails!




3 responses

23 10 2009
Matt Juth

Nice blog you got here. I’ve been too lazy with the camera lately, and doing most my riding alone, the photo’s are severly lacking in my pages. How is the Scott 24 course?

24 10 2009

The scott course is awesome. There were lots of complaints from the teams guys that it was too congested but at my pace, it wasn’t too bad. The climbs were long but middle ring stuff and the descents were really fast, flowy and a great buzz. No sandpits or desert heat like Moab. Perhaps you should qualify for the 24 hours of adrenaline world champs if you are looking for your next challenge 😉

26 10 2009
Matt Juth

With my massive training schedule, budget, and knife edge of divorce over this dumb hobby, I’m guessing that wouldn’t be the wisest decision I could make. Sounds like alot of fun though!

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