More bricks wanted

17 11 2009

This saturday is the next Awaba build day and there is a LOT of work needed to be done before the new trail network will be ready to open. I certainly think it is looking unlikely that it will be ready before The Vestral Virgin 10 hour in a few weeks time.

In readiness for this weekends digging, a way to armour the “chute”  was needed. Enter B-rad and a questionable source of Besa-blocks. We traveled to the site of said blocks and proceeded to liberate them from their mortar shackles and filled the ute with nearly 50 blocks.

At this point it became apparent that the ute could use some air in its tyres as it wandered all over the road and the look on B-rads face told me that the fact the car was staying on the road had little to do with the inputs he was giving it and more to do with luck.


Unhappy tyres

With 50 PSI now in the tyres (The cars load chart said to put 65 in it but B-rad was too chicken 🙂 )  we set off for the drop zone on the track. The access road is sketchy at best with lots of puddles, steep hills and bumpy descents. To sketchy it turns out for the  mazda as it suddenly lost all drive with us stuck in the middle of no-where, facing a 15k walk back to my car. Initially Brad thought the clutch had popped, so we wandered off to check out the track while we assessed our options.



The little Mazda that could no more



When we got back to the car, it entered our heads that it wasn’t the clutch at all, and was in fact the transfer casing. A quick shift to 2wd soon proved our theory, so we unloade most of the blocks and drove them to the drop zone in three passes to ensure we didn’t put any further undue stress on the old mazdas drive line.


old bricky



With the blocks now safely dropped off, we realized that there wouldn’t be enough bricks to armor more than 50% of the chute, and we were going to need to find a lot more from somewhere to finish the job.


Then we headed off to install my newest trail sign. So named after B-rad (aka the pie eater) who single handedly scratched in a techy linking section to offer something different to the standard XC trails currently on offer.

With that, bacon and egg roll’s and milkshakes were consumed at Freemans waterhole before realizing the day had slipped away and it was time to head for home.

With a bit of luck, we will get half a million people to the next build day and make some real progress!





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