Sydney Spring Fat Tyre festival

22 11 2009

My last race for the year and what a way to go out!

Friday was really hot in newcastle, saturday was bearable, today was unbearable. The temps easily reached 40 degree c with a howling westerly wind blowing hot air in from central Australia.

Thankfully I was smart enough to avoid signing up for this as a solo, instead I ran in a team “The Newie Cogheads”. A great group of guys and as it turns out, a pretty good race outfit.

Due to the insane heat and the resultant series of bad accidents from dehydrated and semi-conscious riders, the organizers thankfully decided to call the race short. So this year it was the 6.25 hours of power.

Of note, both former world solo 24 hour racers Gordo and Jason English turned up and slogged it our for the first 4 or 5 laps. After which, Gordo made a break and continued to power on and ultimately won by over a lap. It isn’t often you see someone lap Jason English in an enduro event, however today evidentially wasn’t his day. As Jen English mentioned to the Danbot, there is simply no way a solo rider can hope to replace all the fluid they were losing today while racing flat out. Something has to give. After winning the Highland Fling and this race today, Gordo is showing some amazing form.

So the Cogheads got a trophy and some schwag for our troubles and some memories of a day where I was able to drink 6 litres of fluid in 5 hours and still feel thirsty. Silliness. Good times though.




3 responses

24 11 2009
Matt Juth

Done for the year? I figured your season was just getting started. When is the proper race season down there?

24 11 2009

Funnily enough, it pretty much matches the Northern Hemispheres season. It is a winter sport here since snow isn’t a problem and heat is a significant problem during summer.

25 11 2009
Matt Juth

So while I’m suffering in the snow, you are suffering in the heat. Glad to hear the off-season is for tough guys everywhere.

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