Finishing what I started

29 11 2009

Another hot day. low 30’s – hot and windy.

Picked up some more wood from the build stash and headed off to finish off my retaining wall/berm.

Forgot to put air in the wheelbarrow tyre  – it took quite some effort to get the wheelbarrow down the hillside.

Log roll overs are the mortal enemy of the laden wheelbarrow, it is like an eject button for whatever you are carrying. Who let me build one there anyway??

The building went quite well. No where near as much digging this time which meant I didn’t tire as quickly which made it much more enjoyable.

The retaining wall is sunk around 70cm into the ground and backfilled with rocks. There are two rows of 3mm steel cable anchored with star pickets to support the top of the wall. U nails keep the wire in the right place. The whole structure is really solid. It has a little bit of a backwards lean which is what I was aiming for so  that it would hold the dirt of the berm a little better.

The wood is joined together by galvanised steel strapping and nailed.

A heap of dirt and rocks filled the void between the embankment the sleepers and packed down really nicely. Once the top layer of dirt hardens, there shouldn’t really be any load applied to the wall as riders go by. The wall is just keeping all the dirt in place.

It isn’t the biggest berm ever made, but it should have a really nice shape and there is a really promising ‘hook’ at the bottom that should let you hold lots and lots of speed.

There is still another much smaller berm that I need to add slightly further uphill so there will be a series of three berms following the creek bed before you cross the bridge.




2 responses

29 11 2009

Looks great and fast . Great work. New years resolution is to join the ranks of the build crew and create some trail

29 11 2009
The Dan

Great work Rosco. Your motivation and Skills are awesome to the max! I reckon Project 29er will eat that up, and possibly be able to get across the bridge in its current form! Now I suppose there are no more excuses for the building of the yellow brick road that leads into it!

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