Faux pas?

3 12 2009

I went for a ride with the Mrs tonight. My first time on a bike (other than on pony) since the Sydney fat tyre festival. How do I know? Because my race plate was still on the bike. I was CBF about taking it off since I was pushed for time, besides, who was going to see me anyway?

Well, I was spotted by a couple of people by the club  <wince>

So I put it out there to my fellow cyclists, what is the etiquette regarding race plate pride? How long can you get away with keeping the plate on before you look like a kook?

Happy trails!




3 responses

3 12 2009
Mark W

Ahh, the age old dillema!

I reckon you should ride with pride & display all recent race plates – concurrently – for social rides. Shows how much you love the sport!


3 12 2009
The Doctor

Not nearly as bad as heading out on a ride in a national or world champion jersey, unless of course you’ve earned it.
My Fling plate was still on my bike until two days ago, however the bike had not been touched since then as I simply couldn’t bring myself to look at it.

7 12 2009

Seriously, who actually races?

Your first mistake was attending a race.

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