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6 12 2009

One of the cool things about wordpress is the stats. You can see where people are referring from, the number of hits and the search engine terms they have used to find you.

This little search term brought a smile to my face this morning: “doodled bricks”   😀

Now, I have never used the phrase “doodled” in my whole life, but somehow, the almighty computer of the interwebs thinks I do. Who am I to question it?




3 responses

6 12 2009

I’m new to wordpress, and although I’m starting to catch onto most things, I’m still struggling with getting more hits. How do you ensure that certain words on your blog will show up in search engines?

6 12 2009

I wish I knew. I just get a kick out of the goofy things that people find your blog with. There is probably articles on search engine optimization somewhere, but most of my hits come from links in my sig line on different forums.

6 12 2009

Oh alright. I’m guessing it’s just because I don’t have many hits

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