Sunday unofficial trail build day

8 12 2009

Both Ronstoppable and Danbot have expressed interest (with some arm twisting by myself) in continuing to work on the trail this Sunday. I will be there some time around 7ish and will spend most of the day (weather permitting). If anyone is interested in helping out, shoot me an email and we can make plans.

Today was the Mrs b’day. To celebrate, she completed her first ever full lap of Awaba. Most excellent. To make things even more excellenter (neologism intended), she managed to do so without stacking it. It is always nice when she finishes a ride smiling and wishing it wasn’t so hot so she could go again.

Tomorrow afternoon I hope to get to the track and work on the newest bridge. Construction of the last one proved my cordless drills are woefully inadequate. The batteries just aren’t what they used to be. In a moment of inspiration today, I cobbled together some leads and found that it runs better than ever of some of my 14.4V lithium ion bike light battery packs. So with a little careful planning, I think I will be able to cram it all in side the original drill battery casing and hotwire my old GMC drill. Should be good.




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