Photos of today’s building

13 12 2009

Today’s mini build day was quite successful. There were four of us wtih Dan, Luke and Ron accompanying me. They spent the morning helping building another bridge and then digging some benches. I carried on solo in the afternoon digging some more benches and planning a possible tabletop jump.

Just after the lads left, I was extremely lucky and got to hold a wild pygmy possum. I think i might have disturbed his daytime slumber when I moved some slats of wood and he was making his way along the creek bed when i noticed him. He didn’t seem to be afraid of me and when I put my hand down towards him, he actually lept onto it then ran up my arm. He eventually sat on my hand for 20 seconds or so before jumping off and gliding to a tree. Simply amazing. i was devastated I didn’t have the camera on me.

The trail photos are pretty average, it was the wrong time of day to be trying to evenly expose with bright patches and deep shadow conspiring to junk up many of the shots.

Oh, and I constructed a trail head notice board during the week out of an old sign I had lying around. I managed to get it installed first thing before the build day started.

My leech count today was only two, however they were both on my abdomen and bled for hours after I took them off. By the end of the afternoon, my shirt was a grimy bloody mess.




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