What? He actually rides a bike?

15 12 2009

Driving to Awaba twice in one day? Yes, I am a nut job!

After a relativley early finish to building, there was plenty of time to load up the bikes and take the Wifey for a ride after work. With the Mont starting to loom and her MTB skills needing some honing before she attempts it, these sort of trips really do need to happen a little more regularly. They probably would if I wasn’t out playing with leeches all the time – oops.

I forgot to take the camera out with me (and I am not sure Mrs Pi11wizard would really want her photos appearing on this blog anyways 😀 ).

Suse only balked at one section today – the rock roll over before the long descent which is her best effort yet. She is adament that she will ride it next time so shortly she will be smashing the whole track. Her lap times are coming down ridiculously fast aswell. Her first ever full lap was 39 minutes. Today was 34 minutes.

The swarms of Cicadas were interesting. In several sections of the track, 20-30 of them would take flight from the trunks of trees as we approached and then buzz around like miniature wrecking balls. Flying into your face and arms and generally making things relatively lively.  This went on for the whole length of the switchback climb to Mawkes creek but we were moving to fast for them to make a nuisance of themselves on the descents. Riding at dusk has now taken on a whole new set of challenges during the summer months.

Happy trails!




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