I’m a lumberjack and that’s OK.

20 12 2009

Removing stumps and trees was the main aim of today’s digging session. Fortunately (?), there were lots and lots and lots of them to keep us busy.

Danbot and I became intimately acquainted with our mattocks as we re-directed a section to increase the length of the ‘bowl’ ride and ploughed ahead down a ridgeline to almost reach the bridge site. There is some decision making to be done at this point about where the trail will go so we left it for the minute and continued removing stumps and roots all the way through to the re-connection with the main trail.

I hadn’t realized, but someone else has been hard at work finishing the return leg to frogmouth road. Massive effort whoever it was and thumbs up. So the return leg is almost entirely cut through. It needs lots of loving with rakes to clean it up, a couple of sections need benching, but almost all the back breaking work is done.  A single build day should see it finished off.

Speaking of which, book in the 10th of January as the first official club  build day of the year. Dallas, Wayne and Dean have set the date and with a good turnout, we can hopefully race this section for the first club round.

It looks like we also have a source of more blocks for finishing the chute and the plan is to get them out there before the new year.

Here are a few photos from today’s digging. I was too buggered to take many photos and the light was bad anyway.




3 responses

20 12 2009
The Dan

Who would of thought, playing in 1200% humidity could be so much fun!? And if only those damn ants hadn’t caused our other 1.4 trail builders, who knows how much fun would of been had. In the end, only 4 leaches in the socks, and 3 mammoth blisters to show.

How much fun is the xmas break going to be when we link it all together. Who can wait for the build day on the tenth? Not me! Count me in for block carrying duties, and I think that I have a date with the “Murderhorn” to get that puppy up and running.

As the pi11wizard would say, “WEEEEEEEE”!

20 12 2009

Is now a bad time to tell you that i found a massive can of bushman’s in the back of the car when i was cleaning it out this afternoon? That was probably a record for the most number of leeches I have ever encountered and it probably would have come in handy 😦

The Murderhorn is going to get the benching of a life time on Tuesday. Then I will move onto all those other bits and pieces that need some TLC.

I dare say those other 1.4 trail builder would have led us astray and encouraged all sorts of radical trail diversions through the deepest darkest jungle of Awaba. I say we were saved by the ants!

20 12 2009
The Dan

Yes! The can that you showed looked different to the magical can that you had on the last impromptu build day. well, at least I didn’t squeal in front of you. But I am sure that is soon.

I suppose all we need is a particular pie eater to get the chain saw out (and a trapeze net) and cut a line across the log and we will be sweet as for linking in the track. I can see the 29er loving it.

And how good is the bowl going to be?

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