The training bible

3 01 2010

Tonight I am sitting around attempting to plan my year using Joe Friels training bible. It is doing my head in. How many annual ours do I want to/need to do? What are my strengths and weakensses? What will be my priority races?

I think this is going to take a little bit of tinkering and is going to take me at least a week of head scratching to sort out a training schedule. Any advice of Friel based training from the blogosphere?




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4 01 2010
Garry Millburn

Hi Mate,

Loving your work re the trail building at Awaba. I must get up there and check them out some time soon.

In regards to your training build up volume steadily, mix it up a bit from week to week and most importantly stay motivated. If you don’t feel like going out, read a few blogs to get you fired up.


4 01 2010

Thanks Garry,

Nice looking blog you have there 😉

I will keep an eye open for a distinctive looking yetti at the big events throughout the year.


4 01 2010

Hey mate have you read any of Mark Fenner’s articles in last years enduro mags. He follows a similar approach to Friel but with fewer higher intensity k’s. Check them out here worth a read He also does personal 12 week programs for about $300 through his website.

4 01 2010

I was thinking about a Fenner program a little later in the year after the build portion of the season was over. I will def read that link when i get some time later tonight. I dogged my ride this morning…. I was feeling a little sore and want to ease back into it and avoid injuries rather than blowing up in the first couple of weeks of training.

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