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9 01 2010

Well, I just did it.

By ‘it’, I mean purchase a no-name blank road bike frame from Hong Kong ebay.

In doing so, there goes the last of my euro cred. At least I could claim some vintage euro points for the old ALAN.

So for $460.00 au delivered, I am getting frame + fork + a couple of random carbon bottle cages. Now my interpretation of what goes on with these super cheap carbon frames goes something like this…. Large multinational bike company orders 20,000 frames to be made in Chinese factory and proceed to set up the moulds. Said Chinese factory produces 30,000 of the frames, however they only paint up and deliver the 20,000 ordered by the multi-nat while the other 10,000 are sold off cheaply as blanks and un-cool people such as myself purchase them from “power-sellers” on ebay.

I have no idea what to expect when this bad boy turns up. It might be a work of art, or it might be a frame designed by Escher . All I know is that 99.2% of people thought ’88bikefun’ was a nice guy (read good ebay seller)!?! I don’t even know how long it is going to take to arrive, with the post time declared as ‘variable’.

Of course, this means there will be a CRC order placed fairly soon also. I think I am going to shoot for an all black ‘stealth’ bike. I may even go so far as to attempt to build the entire bike without using one part that is approved on the official euro cyclist checklist.

If any ‘cog spotters’ out there can identify the frame, I would love to get your take on it. (fee free to call it a P.O.S too if you identify it as a huffy :D)

should i trim the steerer???

Now I am trying to decide if I will get some ‘unkown’ stickers made up to brand the bike as uniquely my own. I’ll see how the bank account looks after I wade through my CRC wishlist.

I will post the results when it arrives as either a complete bike, or a series of once-connected carbon do-dads that have been liberated from rigid form by caring postal workers.

Happy Trails!




8 responses

9 01 2010

All you need now is a ipod full of euro trash tecno,a hot pink jursey and pedal away to dof!dof!dof!dof!dof! and never show the pain.

10 01 2010

Looks the goods, I will take a shot at what is was going to be. I think it’s a Kuota frame (thanks to google images probably the Kredo model). There is a bloke at racing that has a Kuota and the chainstays are similar in that it flairs out with a square-ish top edge.

Put some red or yellow decals on it. It’ll look sweet.

Just looking through the Euro trash checklist. I seem to have ticked a LOT of boxes.
There is no way I will buy white bar tape though…Maybe if it is on a free bike.

10 01 2010

Hey Johno,

Great cog spotting pick up! I have to think you are probably right!!!

I think the entire bike is going to be black. Going for the stealth look, unless i get unknown stickers that is..

12 01 2010

Close, but I don’t think it’s the one. Firstly, the Kuota Kredo has an integrated seatpost. Secondly, the derailleur cables rout differently, the Kuota’s are routed internally (well they disappear into the frame), whereas the Pi11wizard’s use external cable stops.
Nonetheless, there is one of these frames doing the rounds at Kooragang, which is essentially the same as Flemish Pave, so I think this will do just fine.

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