LT threshold testing

13 01 2010

Yesterday saw me get my hands on a loaner Heart Rate Monitor (thanks Dr_Rob!). It is my first HRM and I am not sure how I thought I was training last year without one.

So I was rudely awaken by the alarm clock telling me that I needed to go make myself hurt around the race course first thing. So the plan was to use Friel’s testing procedure from the MTB bible to come up with some sort of LT numbers.

I smashed myself on a thirty minute time trial (LT equates to average HR for the final 20 minutes of the TT). I don’t really know whether the numbers are accurate, but I came up with an LTHR of 165bpm.  Since I have NFI what my max HR is, I don’t know whether that is a good or bad number – I will have to figure my MHR and see how I am shaping up.

Interstingly, Dr_Rob can comfortably ride along at 175bpm which would see me digging a massive hole for myself and blowing up 2  minutes later. The physiological differences between us is quite interesting although I also suspect this might have something to do with the million kilometers he has ridden in the last month or so.

At least that now gives me some kind of information upon which to set my training zones.


Happy Trails!



One response

13 01 2010

Half the battle was getting out there. Well done. My LT is 171bpm at the moment. I remember that during the HMBA races last year my average hr was 175. I put the ‘wank’ in Wankel Rotary Engine…

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