the walk of shame….

16 01 2010

Today was a nice day for a walk in Glenrock. I got to meet lots of nice people, I even managed to get my heart rate up a little – although that was probably because I was pushing my bike at the time…..

You see, I distinctly recall the moment where I decided that I didn’t need to carry a tube or a pump as I was getting ready this morning. I looked at an old tube laying around, quickly hunted for the mini pump and then decided I had never suffered any form of Tubeless malfunction, so why bother carrying it today.


The ride with Dan quickly turned into a Newie Coghead ride with a group of around 8 guys going for a leisurely spin. After a couple of false starts and mechanicals, we rolled around for 2 hours before parting ways. I decided I would continue for another hour or so to ride some steady tempo and enjoy the gorgeous weather a little longer.

All was going well, I motored around a lot of nice track and did a few climbs and descents and then I started bombing down the hill from the Bottom of BJ’s. As I started climbing back up out of the other side, I instantly felt something a miss. The back end of the bike seemed drunk. I hopped off and checked the rear wheel, nothing was loose, the skewer was tight, the swing arm bearings were all behaving, tyre pressure seemed low but OK. I assumed I must have burped some air out and so decided I would make for home along Yeuralbah trail.

I rode out to the table and chairs overlooking the ocean and the tyre was on the rim….. damn it

Thankfully, there were some lovely people there who loaned me a pump to put some air back into the tyre. If I could just limp the bike out to the Fernleigh cycle way I would be able to roll down the hill and home. About 2 k’s to the cycle way tops…. the re-inflated tyre lasted 500m. Dead flat again. I then bumped into another guy i recognise from HMBA. He loaned me a mini pump but the air was coming out faster than the pump could put it back in. He offered me a tube but I didn’t want to take it in case he should flat 500m down the road and have his ride ruined by my carelessness.

So the walk of shame was the only option left. I slowly plodded out to the cycle way and then walked down past the tunnel, when who should arrive – none other than Mrs Pi11wizard, with a pump none the less. So it took 3 stops to put air in the tyre to get from the tunnel to the bottom of the cycleway (about another 2kms) and then I walked it home from there.

What was the culprit? A sizeable gash in the tyre – at least 3cm long (see pic). I was lamenting how worn and slippery that rear tyre had become so my hand has been forced to get some more tyres for it.

Today’s lesson? Fortune favours the prepared.

That is the last time I will ever leave the house without a tube and pump! (on a bike ride that is).

At least it was a lovely day for a stroll in the park

Happy Trails!




3 responses

17 01 2010

You are welcome to have my spare UST Crossmark/Ranchero/Ralph 2.35 in the meantime prior to your next CRC order. Just come past whenever someone’s home.
Even the world’s best sealant wasn’t going to save you there..
I notice in your post you didn’t mention Snakes and Ladders??

17 01 2010

Thanks mate,

I will throw some money your way for ye olde ralphs and just use those for the next 6 months, if that is ok. I don’t think I will notice any difference between the two different models.

18 01 2010

The Retro Ralph’s? They’re yours. Come by any afternoon after 4. I should be home.

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