Australia day ride

26 01 2010

An early morning start was the order of the day in order to beat the forecast heat. Up at 0600 (almost sinful on a public holiday) and at the track by 0800.

Arriving at the track we stared in amazement at the acres of cars that had come out for a ride. With a joint ride between the Newie cog heads, the (for a want of a better name) ‘big splash bear’ crew, HMBA stalwarts and a further 20 or so riders from the nobmob. At the height of activity, there must have been at least 50 riders assembled. What a great site.

The over night rain had killed the dust which made for excellent track conditions and softened quite a lot of the ‘chattery’ tool marks so that all the wheels over the new sections of trail really helped bet things in.

The opening lap was a festival of mechanical malady’s with at least two broken chains and my second lap didn’t fair much better. After doing all the hard work to reach the new section, the rear deraileur decided to relinquish its position as tensioner of the driveline, which resulted in oodles of chain slack and the equivalent gear of neutral.

Thankfully Ronnster was sporting a chain tool (mine is currently inbound somewhere over the pacific ocean) and quick link, so we decided I should attempt the often fabled trail side single speed conversion. After a few false starts, I found the ‘jesus gear’ (I think it was something like 32-16) and set to limp the bike back to the carpark. Interestingly, by the time we had achieved this, i probably could have walked back to the car anyway.

All seemed to be going well, until i realized that the small amount of slack that was once in the chain had disappeared and the chain was now guitar string tight. It seems that the chain had auto-shifted up one gear, not to mention the chain length on the anthem is variable depending upon the amount of suspension travel. Counter-intuitively, the more the suspenion compresses, the longer the chain needs to be. So…. I was now riding a hard tail as the chain has effectively locked out the rear travel.  By this time, the bottom bracket was complaining loudly due to the unholy chain tension it was suffering but it wasn’t far back to the car so i limped home (i.e stood up and smashed my way through all the remaining hills) and then parked the bike after only 2 laps 😦

I sat around and contemplated the beer in the esky at 10am (now that would be Australian) however the danbot offered me a ride on the yeti so I headed out for one last lap. Lets just say the yeti and I are not friends. There are some driveline problems afflicting the yeti and my riding style seemed to bring out the worst in it – being the ever gracious sort, I proceeded to tell Dan exactly where he could put his Yeti and it will probably be the last time I will ever be allowed to touch it 😦

After that lap, it was beer o’clock. We sat around, told a few stories, ate some sausages (cheers Lenny) and then it was time to go home. Months of trail work to try and have the section done in time and it is all over – time really does fly when you are having fun!

Next year, it would be great to have the event as a club organized social day with some shade under a marquee and a bbq and drinks for sale.

Tops day!




One response

27 01 2010
Simple Simon

Funniest ride story Ive ever read …… killer funny!!!

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