The anthem lives again

30 01 2010

Tuesday afternoon following the Australia Day Ride saw me ordering a new rear deraileur from ebay after my old XT shadow gave up the ghost. I had it in my hot little hand on thursday morning and finally found the time to install it today with Dr Rob.

It sure is a work of art, far too nice to actually use in the mud and grime (and it is looking like i might not have to if this rain keeps up and cancels tomorrows first club round). Of course, it wasn’t all perfectly smooth sailing. at 1:30 as we were fine tuning things, we noticed that the gear cable outer was now far too short and it had put a nasty tight radius bend in the cable. The mounting position between the old shadow mech and the new non-shadow mech were different. A hunt through the garage revealed a distinct abscence of sacraficial cable outers, so we scrambled and made it to Gateshead cycles just in time to buy some more.

Notice the 'angle of the dangle' on the right hand mech? It steadfastly refuses to do its job as a chain tensioning device.

This afternoon I have fitted the “retro ralphs” which were kindly donated by weight weenie Dr_Rob who seems to be more susceptible to their inertia than myself. Of course, going to the effort of installing new tyres will mean tomorrows race will be washed out for sure! If i had left the scummy old crossmark on there, the race would  be on and I would be slipping and sliding my way all over the place.
Happy trails and fingers crossed for 24 hours of dry weather!



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