New multi-tool

2 02 2010

Here is a nice piece of kit I just bought from CRC. After uttering the famous “does anyone have a chain breaker” at least 3 times in the last 3 weeks, I decided I had better invest in a multi-tool that actual has this ride-saving invention.

Now being a closet weight weenie, I spent quite some time pondering the merits of all sorts of carbon do-dads and ultimately came to the conclusion that I should eat less pies to save weight and buy a multi that didn’t cost more than my bike.

Enter the Lezyne V10.

It has a fantastically simple chain breaker on it that is all but impossible to lose parts from (A critical component is missing from my PRO multi-tool making it all but useless), has 10 functions and still only weighs a (claimed) 102g. It even comes with a little stretchy cover to stop it from getting beaten up in a saddle bag or beating up whatever is near it.

I have played with it a little and the only criticism I can make is that it is a little wide. If you are attempting to work on a bolt in a tight space, the tool may be too wide to allow a reasonable angle of attack. Having said that, I intend to use it as little as possible so for emergency situations, it should do all I need.

Now I can head out with a pocket full of power-links safe in the knowledge that a single speed conversion is right at my finger tips.

Happy Trails




2 responses

3 02 2010

Just commit to SS and save the 102g + some

3 02 2010

I took my roadie into the shop today for some work and was very relieved when you weren’t there. I figured all those gears would leave you confused! 😉

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