Getting schooled by the doctor.

6 02 2010

This morning saw blue skies and the chance to take the new road bike for a longer ride. Since Dr_Rob was coming off night shift, he was keen for a ride around town before day sleeping through until his next shift.

So we met up around 10 am and rolled into town so Dr_Rob could purchase a set of euro wet weather booties to remove any temptation of switching off the alarm clock on the cold wet winter training mornings on the pretense of “I don’t have any dry shoes to go out it”. Clever boy, sounds like I might need to remove some of my excuses aswell.

After that, we rolled out along the industrial highway and headed out to the freeway with a lovely tail wind the whole way. We then proceeded to pay for it back along the freeway and the link road, however all was pretty good.

We headed into town, did a lap of the beaches, had a coffee at Estabah and then the heavens opened and Rob smiled knowing he had a set of booties in his back pocket. Then I smiled because I had thought seriously about doing the jetblack 24hr as a solo this year but decided against it. Given the MUDBATH and utter carnage of last years race, and the steady rain beating out a rhythm on my roof as I type this, it may have been the smartest decision I have ever made.

Today, one thing became abundantly apparent to me. There is a word of difference between mountain bike speed and road bike speed. Rob annihilated me today. Embarrassingly so. Whereas he was rolling along in zone 3 having a chat and taking it easy, I was getting awfully close to the top of zone 4 and feeling the burn. Yet I beat him by a couple of minutes at last weeks mtb race. All we could put it down to was technique. Since I don’t have a motor anywhere near as big as his, I must be making up the time through technique and efficiency? Which seems like a bit of a stretch? I can’t see how I would be (ballpark figures) 20% more efficient than him on a mountain bike.

I have pondered this question for a long time and I haven’t been able to come up with a good answer. All I know is that I need to be doing more quality k’s if I want to get faster from this point on.




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