Which race will it be this weekend?

17 02 2010

The WSMTB 4 hour may be on this weekend if the track can dry in time. I’ve paid my money and am pretty psyched to race it, but there is a real chance the trail won’t be up to scratch – particularly if we get anymore rain before sunday.  The good news is that Awaba is pretty dry at the moment so there is always a club round to race if the 4 hour falls through. To many choices.




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17 02 2010

First race on the chute, and you are going elsewhere?

Your loss.

Fingers crossed I get my rear brake back from repairs after the last club round and Sydney 24 otherwise I’m stuck walking.

17 02 2010

So it isn’t just me who thinks it is a stupid idea?

I need to do some longer races before the 24’s start later in the year and this one fits the bill. The timing sucks though.

With a bit of luck it will be rescheduled to another weekend and i can break my neck on the chute on sunday!

18 02 2010

I had the pleasure of riding the Chute for the first time this week. The track faries have done an amazing job! Well done guys.

Mr Unknown, you could, of course, do the Awaba round, and just keep on going for a few more hours afterwards. It may not be in race conditions the whole way, but at least you get to see all your hard work being riden in anger by 100 or so gimps for the first time.

Just a thought.

18 02 2010

I have a spare bike Mr sammwarrrr

18 02 2010

Does that mean you have a new bike? Whadidyaget?

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