Running out of clothes to wear….

23 02 2010

As a testament to an increase in time spent on the bike this year, I am finding I am running out of jerseys way to fast. As with everything in my life at the moment, the answer always seems to be provided by hong kong ebay (henceforth to be known as the oracle).

The Trek gear that I wore at the WSMTB 4 hour was my trial run on the quality, fit and comfort of cheap cycle gear. Now I can almost hear the collective groan coming from those rolling around in Assos bibs, however there has to be a practical limit to how much I can spend on this hobby and a $350 pair of shorts just isn’t going to make it past the CFO. So cheap ebay gear it is.

The cheapo Trek gear has been pretty good. The sizing is possibly a little strange with relatively tight arm elastic compared to the rest of the jersey fit and the chamois did feel remarkably like walking around with a Mcdonalds tray inserted in your pants for the first ride, but things seem to be bedding in nicely now. The chamois is moulding and softening (or my arse is?) and it has been through the wash a few times and hasn’t fallen apart yet.

So I hit the go button on these today:

Not because I have any brand loyalty to whatever the hell “rock racing” is, and not because my better half is a raging concert going rock monster, but because I think the design looks bad arse and I am going to intimidate the hell out of everyone at the start line when i rock up in these little puppies.




4 responses

23 02 2010
the unknown wife

but honey, your wife is a raging concert-going rock monster.

and i much prefer to be known as such than as the CFO.

23 02 2010

You might need to start growing some extravagant facial hair to go with that kit.

23 02 2010

If only I could! Sadly, I am resigned to a lifetime of failed facial hair growth.

23 02 2010

Ah, Rock Racing. The last bastion of the bad-boy rider. Such esteemed company as Santiago Botero, Tyler Hamilton, Floyd Landis, and Oscar Sevilla.

I’ll definitely be asking for that blood test now šŸ™‚

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