Happiness is s dirty downtube

3 03 2010

65 k’s in the Watagans today. Awesome fun. I did a quick lap of the Martinsville hill Rd climb while waiting for B-rad (410m vertical according to the GPS) then we headed off on more moto trail just exploring.

Conditions were pretty messy post rain. Lots of sandy grit making unpleasant noises in my drive line while B-rad sniggered and muttered single speed heckles at me. Of course, it was pretty hard to argue the superiority of a geared bike over the cacophony of noise coming out of my drive line.

I eventually settled on a strategy that seemed to work, ride it like a single speed. So i picked a gear and stuck to it. For the rolling rutted and ever changing moto trail, this worked amazingly well.

So we managed to link ‘the pines’ and ‘the basin’ almost exclusively on single trail. That’s about 20’s of single track that was just mind blowing in places. There was some sections that had to be pushed where the moto boys had dug ruts up to your handlbars but there was always something on the other side of the hill that brought the smile back to your face.

On the descent in to ‘the basin’, B-rad and I were riding side by side having a care-free chat and generally paying very little attention to what we were doing. Then BAM!

Out of no-where a wallaby comes barreling out of the scrub straight infront of us. We both grabed a fistfull of brakes (as did the wallaby) and somehow we all managed to stay alive. Brad and I were halfway through discussing how F’ing close it had been when BAM!

A second wallaby comes belting out of the bush straight in front of us. Not as close this time, what are the odds of having two near misses in such close BAM!!

A third f’ing wallaby tries to kill us. By now, B-rad is ringing his wildlife warning bell and I am yelling insults about the questionable lineage of wallabies “Ya mother was a possum” etc. Thankfully, the third time was the charm and there were no more close calls.

We rode the fire trail back to the car and called it a day. About 4 or 5 hours in the saddle and 65k’s.


Fire trail


Spit fire catepillars playing follow the leader. I came within mm of running over these little guys

Random hole in the middle of the road.... random!

The random sink hole

Happiness is a dirty downtube




4 responses

3 03 2010

ooh, you can see my wanga again!

5 03 2010


5 03 2010

Jealous that I got to see Brads Wanga? Its not really that interesting, although it is a bit dirty and squeaky (oh and it is not very big either).

8 03 2010

He certainly seems to like getting it out and sticking it in some uncharted bush. He’s a brave soul.

I’m sure his wanga comes out a bit worse for wear after a good flogging in the bush

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