Saturday cog head ride

6 03 2010

7 am start for the cog head ride this morning. It was ininitally going to be a Swansea ride however the overnight rain saw a last minute change to the valentine loop as it handles the weather slightly better.

I took out the hard tail. At 6 am this morning as I was leaving, I seemed to have forgotten, however i now distinctly remember getting off that bike the last time i rode it and swearing I would never ride it again. Everything is wrong with it. It is a combination of old crap parts, it’s a size to big, the fork is stuffed and almost rigid, the tyres are bald, the cable brakes barely stop it and it has the classic aluminium hardtail jack hammer ride characteristics. So again I have hung it up and swear I will never ride it again (until next time).

Anyway, it was a lovely mornings ride and here are some lakeside photos of our adventures.

Rain clouds over Lake Macquarie

Lake Mac from the shoreline

Still figuring out the gps hosting. I can’t get it to display the .kml as a trail rather than just the data points. Anywho, it gives you and idea of where we went. Time to give up on the old hand held and just buy a Garmin bike mounted version.




2 responses

6 03 2010

Ah, I was on the same ride. Sorry I didn’t introduce myself out there. I was the slow guy on the Orbea. Correction: the young slow guy on the Orbea.

Not bad at all for a wet day.

6 03 2010

I actually wondered at the start, I should have said something as-well. Nice to (kind of) meet you.

It was a great mornings ride! Considering the state that other riders were in exiting Glenrock as I rode down the Fernleigh – we got off lightly.

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