Bad arse battery charger

15 03 2010

I received my bad arse battery charger today. Its a lipo balance charger and can charge at up to 5 amps and handle up to 6 series packs. Now there will be no more dodgy cells in battery packs that can rear their ugly heads in the middle of a 24 solo. So I would suggest most of saturday will be spent wiring up battery packs….. i just need to figure out where i can get my hands on some plasti-dip to give the packs the finishing touch.

I have just about finished the arrow markers for the club for this weekends race. I was a little embarrassed with them to start with, they looked pretty ordinary, but a bit of patience with a ‘sharpie’ and a ruler  and the arrows now have a neat looking black outline that makes them look much more professional.

I will try to get up tomorrow morning and get out on the road bike. I had every intention of going when i got home from work this afternoon until I couldn’t get my enormous light to fit on the road bike, whereby a hissy fit ensued and no riding was done. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.




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