let there be jump

17 03 2010

The descent down little falcon was just begging for a jump…. all that speed and no-where to use it. So as a temporary measure, I pulled apart the temp bridge near the base of the murderhorn and lugged it up to little falcon and set it up over the log that is across the fire trail….. instant air time. There is also a ready made B-line around it following the main trail.

So in my trusty king gee’s, i hit it flat out to see how it would go…..

Skip to about 59 seconds in. I can’t be arsed editing this, the computer keeps crashing!

Not too bad I think. It is one of those obstacles that looks much worse than it really is. Of course, there was a technical foul up on my first attempt and the video didn’t record it so i had to go back up and have another go at it.

Here are a couple of still photos of the area too.

Newly cut B line

keeping the kiddies safe

Me vs Jump



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18 03 2010

Do we get a downramp and gap? Or is it huck to flat?

Can’t wait to eventually get out of bed and have a look though.

18 03 2010

Huck to flat at this point. The launch angle is pretty shallow however, so I wouldn’t really call it a ‘huck’. More of a drop off.

There is a line for a second jump to the left that has a natural spot for a transition on the far side which will be worked on next. This was just something that I could knock together pretty quickly so that I could do something with all that speed I had picked up on little falcon.

As with everything on this track…. it just needs a little more time. There are plenty of options for some fun little doubles etc on the way down little falcon too!

18 03 2010

Which bit does the b-line avoid??

Actually I need to stop reading your blog, its getting depressing.

18 03 2010

The original trail was a straight line, then the tree has fallen over and there is an alternate path around it. The newly cut B-line section was added so that there was no risk of people taking the A line and landing ontop of people taking the B line. The two lines then merge further down the hilll out of harms way. It also lets people taking the B line keep a little more momentum (although the A line is still a few seconds quicker).

18 03 2010

Ahhhh, the placement of your car makes it all fall into place.

18 03 2010

B-rad was trying to encourage me to jump over the car…… I said “maybe next time”

18 03 2010
b rad

you obviously misheard, I said jump the subaru over the anthem

18 03 2010

well I hit Awaba this avro with Luke love you’re work Ross&Brad the trail men,that a mean jump love it.

18 03 2010

Glad to hear it got some use!

27 03 2010

A- Great blog. I’ve seen the link on RB for ages but never took a look until I started my own
B- What’s the story with the stupidly straight and steep climb up to the peak? Is this a draft with plans to create some switchbacks in the future? I can’t see many people bothering with that climb, even with the reward up top- which is a shame.
C- Do you know of any plans to get more use out of the descent (spelling?) ie; more jumps (this one is great- good hieght and easier than it looks!) or winding the track a little?

29 03 2010

Hi Mr Fence,

Ultimately, I imagine that there will be an alternate line to get to the top of Little Falcon, but it isn’t at the head of the priortiy queue at this point. We had to deviate out of the approved corridor since there was an area in the gully we needed to bypass which was classified as an endangered ecological community. The fire road was there, so we used it. The pinch on the little bit of single track off big jilliby is pretty ugly and needs some work, but it sure is a challenge.

The descent down little falcon is just a temp measure to get it all to link back up again. The next stage of the build will see the trail turn left and ‘surf’ the countour lines around the next ridge. It should make for a more interesting ride rather than the fire trail and will certainly make the climb up there worth the effort. It all takes time unfortunately.

31 03 2010

Ah, OK thanks for the info. With the hoops peole have to jump through to cut a trail these days, the club and people like yourself certainly do a great job. The finished result sounds like a lot of fun- can’t wait!

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