failure requires no preparation

21 03 2010

Not a good race today. My first run in A grade and I sucked!

I DNF’d on lap 4 of 5 after being caught by the B graders and feeling like shite. I cracked and called it a day.

I have been pretty slack training of late and if I am honest with myself, my performance met my level of preparation today. Next time shall be different.

At least I made it up ‘little big horn’ though.




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21 03 2010
b rad

and ‘they’ said it couldn’t be done

21 03 2010

I made it up as well,

21 03 2010

not riding though

21 03 2010

I am surprised there weren’t more people who heard me hooting and hollering and carrying on when I cleared the climb. I let the hill know what I thought about it in no uncertain terms.

21 03 2010

And I say to all who rode……..YOU SUCK.

Can’t wait to ride (well walk the hill part) the new section, lot of positive comments.

How much of a work of art does the bottom berm on the chute look in those photos. Awesome.

21 03 2010
b rad


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