Night time

27 03 2010

Night is getting close. Driving home with little sleep is on my mind.

Dan and I have hatched a plan to alternate laps at 2pm so I will do a lap at 2 and another at 4 and then my race is done. Plenty of beuty sleep before the drive home

Mic c had a flat and an off but everyone else is going well. Our last rider to do their first lap is on track now




5 responses

28 03 2010

Updates, I need updates. I live my non existant riding life through your blog and you’ve left me hanging.

28 03 2010

Agreed. Damn the poor reception. I need details. Or else I’ll have to actually go riding myself.

28 03 2010

Well he got a couple of blogs off, so the reception really isn’t an excuse. All this is, is poor journalism.

28 03 2010

Sorry guys,

Poor journalism indeed.

The reception was patchy and whenever I would go to the last spot I had reception, it had moved again. I spent hours riding around with my iphone trying to find a signal. Eventually that wore thin and I gave up.

Even when i had reception, it was taking 5 minutes (no exaggeration) to upload a 3 line post. Frustrating!

Next year I will do a better job… I promise

28 03 2010

Next year we might find a reliable blog.

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