Crab foot

29 03 2010

Is the word used to describe the delicate aroma that has made its way into my car sometime over the weekend. A combination of old sweat soaked mountain bike clothes, hot weather and closed windows have combined to leave a smell something like an old gym sock on the shore line at low tide. With another race next weekend, things aren’t looking like smelling better any time soon 😦



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29 03 2010
b rad

park the subi next to the septic overflow at the weekend, no one will even notice the crabfoot

29 03 2010

Always with the practical answers b rad!

30 03 2010

Hmm, perhaps we’ll take my car…

30 03 2010

The result will be the same in your car too. Best if we only destroy one car with this bicycle silliness.

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30 03 2010

I smelt it this afternoon as your car flew past in the wet just after the hexham bridge at about 6:15pm.

Try pulling the chunk of Kangaroo off the front left of your car and the smell may leave.

Thanks for cutting me off as well.

31 03 2010

I called ‘track’, what are you complaining about?

5 04 2010
the fuddler (lachlan)

hmmmmm… well gotter love it

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