Ron is stopable :(

30 03 2010

Bad news (although I think he did manage to finish the lap <thumbs up !> ) :

“Hi guys I had a big crash on the creek run on Sunday at about 11.00 am which put me in hospital for the night with a fracture or the body of the scapula(broken shoulder blade),first I would like to thank the guys who help me to the first aid tent much appreciated as a result i`m out of action for 8 weeks no riding no work. Did any one witness this as I`m trying to claim on my mtba insurance so if you did can you pm me.I was riding a green Norco fluid an had a green and black Jersey on.

Thanks Ron ”



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31 03 2010

Thanks mate STOPABLE!!!!!! I AM, it`s going to be a long and pain full 8 weeks cant do anything much I go see the orthopaepic surgun on tuesday and I`ll take iy from there. One thing I will say is you got love morphine man.

31 03 2010
The Dan

Hey Ron,

Sorry to hear about you incident. My text that I sent on sunday arvo, kinda makes me look like a dick, but I didn’t know at the time.

Get well soon, as I can’t imagine that you will behaving much fun in the next 8 weeks. But rest up, drink some beer and get used to riding the trainer. If your surgeon is called Dr Jorgen Hellman, get a second opinion.

But how did you enjoy your first 24 hour race? Well at least until 11am?

31 03 2010

hey ron get well soon and i promise we wont do the dog track at glendale til you get your wings back i was still in canberra sun night but was too pissed to makeout your text until monday night.we will put your name down for a coghead spot for the scott24 in october so we can take the piss out of dan and rosco

1 04 2010

bugger, get that dairy into you Ron. Get well

1 04 2010
Mark W

I am still feeling your pain Ron! Good luck with the recovery.

1 04 2010

Thanks guys I had a ball now thats how you build a mtb trail fast flowing I loved every minite of it(maybe not the last bit)but that racing, Dan how the big wheels go? Gresho ride the bloody thing ride fast I`ll be back but not ronstopable maybe ronlookwhereyouregoingdonthitree?????

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