The knees, oh the knees!!

4 04 2010

Firstly, a massive thanks to everyone who was commenting and watching the race results. It is a pretty humbling feeling to finish a race  like this and check your phone to find out people have actually been interested.

I will post a full race report later as I seem to have lost my ability to form words, thermoregulate, manipulate small objects, see through bloodshot eyes and think about anything else other than a bowl of pasta so large I can’t jump over it.

Physically, I am probably in better shape than when I finished the scott, except for my knees. I am practically crippled and about to start eating nurofen like they are smarties.

Race stats: 320 kms (by my speedo), 24 hours and 1 minute, approx 6000m of elevation gain (extrapolated from Dr_Robs Garmin), 17,132 cals expended.



One response

5 04 2010

I thought you’re meant to take the Sudafed like Smarties before and during the event.

Well done on your race.

Also I didn’t know the calorie counter on the Garmin goes that high!

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