Mountain bike tuesday!

13 04 2010

Today was a day full of bike stuff:

1. I registered for the world champs. I finally got around to paying my money and assuring I will be the spectator with the closest seat to the fast guys.

2. I spent a couple of hours with Dallas wandering around Awaba figuring out where the next bit of track is going to go. It will be an alternative to the pinch at the top of big jilliby and will follow its way parallel and come out about half way down little falcon. It should be a nice fun and flowy piece of trail and will hopefully open up the other end of the park for longer enduro races where 15 or 20 time up the pinch would just kill people.

3. Met up with B-rad and Seb for a lap around Killingworth. I haven’t ridden there in years and it was awesome fun. The old tracks are still clear and it doesn’t seem to have been torn to shreds by the motorbikes (any more than it used to be). Out of no-where, we ran into AK and had a chin wag for a while before rolling back to the cars. About 3-4 k’s from the car, out of no-where, my deraileur somehow went straight into my spokes on a flat bit of road with no sticks or obstacles. The deraileur is now shagged and I had to limp it back to the cars as a 3  x 1. That is the second deraileur I have busted in the last 4 months, before that, it had been riding on and off for years and never damaged one. I guess more miles = more spare parts.

4. I got home and decided that i was going to  go for a ride with the cog-heads. I rushed around like a mad man grabbing all my gear and then headed out on the hardtail aka ‘the pig’. I rolled around with them for about 2 hours and then swore yet again that I would never ride the hardtail again!

Now to go looking for a derailleur that I can have hear before this weekends club round.




7 responses

13 04 2010
b rad

and a hanger! that was as bent as julian cleary.

this is all becoming common place for you. listen to what your bikes are trying to tell you.

one fast gear!

13 04 2010

The hanger is purchased, I tacked the derailleur onto Danbots CRC order. All is good – except that I have to ride the pig for another week or so. God I hate that bike

14 04 2010

Do you want to borrow my mech for the weekend? I won’t be needing it for a while.

14 04 2010

Thanks Sammy,

But if I was really really keen, I could pull the mech off ‘the pig’, but I am not that keen.

14 04 2010

What B Rad says, more miles = more broken parts

Unless your riding that one fast gear that B Rad is always talking about.

You’ll look cooler as well

14 04 2010

But I can’t grow the facial hair to ride SS. So i am stuck gears and tears 😦

15 04 2010

maybe you can’t grow the facial hair, but you could get a couple of tats instead

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