No Car: Day 1

28 04 2010

My little subaru is off to the panel beaters to have the kangaroo surgically removed from the front end so today was my first day of cycle commuting. No more excuses, time to man up and ride everywhere I am going.

Since I had been planning to head to Awaba and do a little more corridor marking, I had no choice but to ride from ‘Bowers  smash repairs’ in Carrington  out to Awaba (Probably between 40-50k’s). Not really a big deal in the scheme of things but it necessitated me taking the anthem since I didn’t like my chances of getting the roadie all the way in to little falcon without some cyclocross hike a biking.

It was a gorgeous day to be out on the bike and I did the whole trip without a single close call or stupid driver attempting to kill me. A nice change really.

The corridor marking is going well. I love wandering around in the bush and some of the places I have found to take the trail are mind boggling. I found one little section and I fell to my knees in awe… it is going to be post card perfect. The best bit is that almost all of the 2k loop in the next section will be descending. It is going to be fast, flowing and totally worth climbing up the hill to get to.

I ran out of corridor tape halfway through however and so will need spend yet one more day tinkering and marking to ensure I haven’t missed anything that could be done better.

Dirtworks this weekend…. Todays ride reminded me of how horribly unfit I have become in my post 24 solo binging. It seems the kangaroo – Subaru interface may have been a blessing in disguise.

Happy Trails!!




3 responses

29 04 2010
Simon F

Yeah but that uber long bastard climb up to the ridge is 110% fecking impossible on anything that is designed to descend it comfortably (READ: 6″ or more travel and 67deg or slacker head angle)

30 04 2010

To be honest, I don’t know that a 6+ inch bike is going to be the right tool for the next section of the descent either. The trail is still too smooth and flat for that kind of bike.

Wait until we get higher up into the rocky steep bits. then the 6 inch bike will come into its own…. just gotta find a way to get up there without killing everyone.

30 04 2010

Chairlift? Shuttle? There are ways that don’t involve pedaling.

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