Mountain biking in NZ

9 05 2010

In the spirit of :

“Hey, wanna go on holidays?”

“yeah sure, where do you wanna go?”

“How about New Zealand?”

“Yeah sure, when?”

“How does next week sound?”

“Yeah sure, i guess we better book flights”

the Mrs and I are doing the wicked camper thing and rolling around the North Island of NZ for a week. Of interest to a cycling related blog is the chance to ride in Rotorua which has some pretty sweet trails by all accounts. It looks like bike hire is pretty simple, so I am going to attempt to get myself lost in a forrest in a foreign country. After our adventures in Byron earlier this year, perhaps I might take a torch and some food.




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9 05 2010

The Single Speed World champs are in Rotorua in Oct this year (there may be some attendees who have missed out on WSC spots). Sample the trails and the beer for me, I might have to make the trip over the ditch too.

9 05 2010

and thankyou for publishing this too brag/rub it in.

9 05 2010
Bike Rider Guy

Sounds good, post some pics up.

12 05 2010
Scott Abercrombie

Hey Ross,

If you haven’t booked a camper I can recommend these guys
My wife and I did 9 days in one of these last year and wouldn’t have done it in any other van.

A bit more expensive but the vans have heating that doesn’t require mains power (ie in a camp ground) and all sorts of other stuff. The company is awesome to deal with.

Enjoy Unzud.


12 05 2010

Hey Ninja,

I have booked a wicked camper. It is one of those boxes that I needed to tick in life before I die (even if it may be responsible for my death). See you this weekend for the pie eater 100.

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