Rotorua wrap up

23 05 2010

Well, all too briefly I was the proud owner of a Steel 29er hardtail (rental) and was turned loose on the trails at Rotorua mountain bike park. It was awesome. I only managed about 3 hours and then we had to head out off in our trusty wicked camper so I smashed myself as much as possible.

The lower down trails were fairly tame. They were twisty, pinchy and pedally, but not much of interest. All the trails were graded from 1-6 (1 being flat and smooth, 6 being the awaba downhill trail). Most of the fun stuff (for an XC bike) was graded 3-4 and the further up the hillside you ventured, the more fun they were.

Unfortunately, I didn’t lug the big D$LR around the trails and left the little camera at home, so there are no trail pics, but I will attempt to convey trails such as “little red riding huck” and “Huckleberry hound” none the less.

Picture dark, rich, organic soil – just like you see in all those O/S riding mags. It was packed hard and while the trail was constantly winding downhill, the trail surface was never flat. There were constant kicks and transitions to hit the whole way. So much so, that I was begging for it to end so that I could stop and rest my aching forearms. Newbies (and kooks from newcastle on rental bikes) could roll everything without any carnage, but as soon as you got adventurous, there was some serious air time available.

I saw two other riders the whole time I was out on the trails so I was a little timid in case I came off and was left lying in a forrest thousands of kilometers from home, but I took on most of the technical features. There was a drop off similar to Ourimbah and the mother of all log drops that nearly killed me about 20 meters from the car park on the way home.

I rode at least 60% of the trails and had a wicked time and would have loved to have ridden it with some mates so that I could let my hair down and go silly without the worry of getting stuck alone.

If you ever get a chance to ride Rotorua, make the effort as it is well worth it.




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23 05 2010

So, can we just build rotorua at Awaba then? Surely you learnt enough there to build it for us?

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