First ride on the single speed

27 05 2010

My shiny new bike is now filthy and muddy. Foot rub has taken some of the paint off the crank arms and cable rub has marked the paint aswell. In short, it isn’t new any longer.

Since I am still on annual leave, I took the single speed for a maiden voyage in the pouring rain. There was a section of trail near awaba that I wanted to check out after briefly visiting it with B-rad during the Pie Eater 100. It was a hoot, my biggest complaint about the whole mornings ride was the amount of mud I got in my eyes from the Nevegals. My lord they can throw some clay around!

The bike was faultless and the full rigid didn’t take too much getting used to. In fact, it was just like being a kid again since I started out mountain biking on full rigid steel frames in the early 90’s. Halfway through the ride I stopped and inverted the stem and rolled the handlebars forward a little to try and lengthen the cockpit a little, it seems a KHS medium frame is a relatively small medium. This small change made a world of difference and now the bike has gone from feeling far to upright, to fitting like a glove.

The big wheels do a great job of smoothing out trail chatter and go a little way towards compensating for the lack of suspension. In fact, I think i might call this bike ‘Proud Mary” after the CCR song which gets stuck on repeat in my head while riding this bike.

With the weather not really looking like improving, there is a small chance I might be running single speed at the next club round to save the drive train on the anthem….. we shall see.




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