The Pie Eater 100: Part 2

28 05 2010

continued from part 1…

Red Hill Road was a serious climb as we gained around 350 meters in only a couple of kilometres. Brad was running 32×18 on the 29er single speed and was in the hurt box right from the get-go. He had to be motoring up the hill to stay on top of the gear so we quickly gapped Scott and Gaz. You could tell Gaz was behind us somewhere as there was an unholy coughing fit going on that sounded like a 3rd world smoker with tuberculosis. I commented on it and Brad just smiled and said that Gaz was sounding good today…. eek!

We rolled across the top of the ridgeline and then linked up to a section of the great north walk. This was a magic bit of trail. There were a few hike a bike sections but there was also some of the prettiest and best flowing single track around. Soon after it widened out slowly and began descending and it just went on and on. I didn’t think it was ever going to stop.  We popped out and rejoined Bumble Hill Rd(?) just as a group of roadies were passing and they were rather surprised (“where the hell did you guys come from?”).

At the bottom of the hill, we reached our first optional re-supply point. There was a small convenience store at a petrol station but we were all still right for supplies and elected to keep on rolling.

There was no way to do the next section on single tracks so far as we were aware and rode the tar and gravel roads through the valley and then stopped for a break at the bottom of the next big climb. This was of similar height to Red Hill Road, but was a little less steep and with some conversation to pass the time while we suffered, it was soon behind us.

B-rad and Scott at our first rest break.

Now we were up into the Watagan Mountains ‘proper’ and some sweet single track beckoned. By this point Scott and Gaz were starting to feel the heat of the day and the unrelenting hills and while there was miles and miles of motorbike trail to ride on, the going was extremely tough. The general lay of the land for the next 10 k’s was a gradually climb, but it undulated with some steep pinches and descents so the call was made to ride uphill on the fire road and then pick up single track branches wherever the trail started to point downhill.

This gave us the best of both worlds and some of the single track was the best I have ever ridden. Undualating, technical, bermed, jumps everywhere – basically nirvana.

By the time we reached the pines campground, it was mid afternoon and we were all suffering. We stopped for lunch and my bag of twisties was summarily inhaled along with whatever else I could easily lay my hands upon including bananas, snickers and more chips. Unfortunately, the water here wasn’t suitable for drinking and the call was made to get water from Muir’s lookout as we had road-tested that water on an unsuspecting Landon a couple of weeks earlier. As far as we knew, he was still alive.

So we rolled the fire road to Muirs and then continued along Nationals and other various tracks which was essentially a 400 meter descent over a couple of kilometres. Just brilliant riding, words fail to describe what a fantastic piece of riding this is.

To be continued……

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7 responses

28 05 2010
b rad

by the sounds of it, part 4 is where we lose the trail divining banana???

28 05 2010

So does this mean we could see a combined HMBC and CCOMTB combined club 100?? We could do a grade 100 club race or open it to the public and create some serious club dollars (aka wombat MTB club in Vic and the previous BMC100)

28 05 2010

Its been talked about (although not seriously), the problems come about with land managers – particularly national parks who make it exceedingly difficult to get permits. Perhaps one day, but I wouldn’t be holding my breath.

Mind you, I am still going to dream about it 🙂

29 05 2010

Would be great to do a combined club 100km that started at ourimbah and finished at awaba.

Actually that would be insane even if it wasn’t 100kms.

Maybe one day we can find a legit route and make an annual event.

29 05 2010

Until such times, I am sure the Pie Eater will be an annual event anyway 🙂

29 05 2010

I’ll do the lap of ourimbah then drive to awaba and join you for a loop there.

29 05 2010
b rad


The Pie Eater 300 V1.0.1 is ready for release. Peeps can jump on whenever but the whole route might need…

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