The Pie Eater 100 report : Part 1

28 05 2010

What is the Pie Eater 100?

I guess you could just describe it as a rather large social ride. The plan was to complete 100 miles a day for each day of the weekend taking in as much single track as possible and linking Ourimbah, Awaba and Killingworth in the process. Then crashing overnight at Brads house in Weston before continuing the second day on some of Brads local trails.

With a NZ trip looming on the Sunday, I could only do Day one and I decided it would make the most sense logistically if I crashed in Sunny Weston on the Friday night so that I could hop a lift with the other riders out to the starting point.

Soon after arriving and having a fantastic dinner, I realized I had no food for the following day so I made a B-line for Kurri Bi-lo at 9pm. Let us just say there were some interesting locals out. I think every psychotic methadone patient in Kurri was in attendance with my favourite being a gentleman I mentally named “twitchy”. Twitchy was clearly on the lookout for the ‘fuzz’ and was as skinny as a beanpole, covered in tats and shuffled along like a man old before his time.

My choices of food were interesting, chips, twisties, muesli bars, bananas, mini snickers bars, fruit sticks (you know those things that are like fruit flavoured musk sticks and are essentially sugar in stick form). No energy gels and protein bars to be found in Kurri Kurri my friend J

Temps were in the single digits overnight and it was freaking cold packing the car in the morning. I put on arm and leg warmers along with a merino under layer hoping it would be enough to keep me warm until the sun gained some heat.

Where was the starting point I hear you ask?

Ourimbah at 0700 hours saw four intrepid soles front the starting line, Obviously there was B-rad (aka ‘QZ13’; aka ‘the pie eater from Weston’) and myself, however Gaz (aka Gazpics) and Scott (aka ‘ebuk’;, aka ‘Scott on the Scott at the Scott’; aka ‘the ninja’) were the only ones stupid… I mean brave enough to give it a go. There had been many fine excuses including groin injuries, apathy, working and house moving to which we all thumbed out noses.

We started off with a lap of the Ourimbah track where Scott employed an interesting banana holster. We decided he would be our navigator for the day, we would just ride in whichever direction the banana pointed.

It quickly became apparent that one of my bottle cages on my bike is all but useless as I reached down for a drink to find the bottle gone. I hadn’t even ridden a kilometre yet! Thankfully Scott picked it up so I stashed it in my pack.

I don’t think I have ever ridden Ourimbah at a social pace before and it was quite hard to wind back the pace enough as muscle memory just wanted to take over down the roller coaster. The lap was uneventful however I did get so see the mythical Ourimbah pump track and roll a few laps.

Lap complete, the hard work was about to begin as we were heading for Awaba and the only way to link it up via dirt was to tackle Red-hill road.

To Part 2




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