The Pie Eater 100: Part 3

29 05 2010

Continued from part 2…

After bottoming out in Martinsville, we took the main road through to Cooranbong. It was now about 1600hrs and we found a general store that was open and we trudged in like refugees and our eyes lit up with the sheer enormity of choice available. Everywhere Brad looked, he would let out an “Ooooohhhhhhh” and then turn and find something else that took his fancy and then say it again. We filled our bottles from the taps, ate our fill and then wearily climbed back onto the bikes. At least that was the hard part over as 10 k’s in the Watagans feels like 20k’s anywhere else.

We rolled along a backroad in Cooranbong and then Brad took a sneaky side road that led into a gap between properties used for livestock passage in the ye olde days. This turned out to be some great, flat and fast riding and we were smoking along. Another couple of sneaky access trails and turn offs and we were entering a section of trail called ‘Bangalow’ which is also some kind of wildlife preserve.

Brad and I had motored on ahead seeing who could climb up the ridiculous pinch climbs so we stopped for a break. We caught our breath and then Gaz caught up and we chatted away for a while before I realized “where’s Scott?” I decided to double back as we had ridden some sketchy descents and was starting to get worried. Thankfully I saw Scott coming the other way however he was covered in dirt and had leaves and sticks coming out of his helmet so he had obviously hit the ground pretty hard. On the worst of the descents, he had washed out and stunned himself when he hit the ground and he wasn’t quite sure how long he had been sitting there before he got back on the bike. He seemed coherent enough and said he had o injuries other than pride but it was a close call none the less.

We motored along through Bangalow, popped out the other side and we were at Awaba…. Hallelujah! That sounded like a massive achievement having ridden from Ourimbah to Awaba, then it dawned on me that Weston is still a hell of along way away. We sat down in the car park at Awaba as Gaz had pre-arranged a rendezvu and a ride home. My speedo showed 101 kms so Gaz had done his first century and certainly done it the hard way.

We watched the sun set while we chatted and put our lights on. I had no idea how much longer we were going to be riding for so elected to only mount the bar light. I would use it until it died and then mount the helmet light if needed so that I could effectively double my run time.

We set off to complete our lap of Awaba and then move on to Killingworth although we elected to run the Blue loop since the climb on the red loop just wasn’t appealing after 100k’s in the legs. It was at this time I noticed my speedo had stopped working. I was checking the wheel sensor and scratching my head and it wasn’t until many kilometres later I realized it was the Magicshine light causing interference with my wireless cycle computer. Alas, I now knew I wasn’t going to be able to get a final tally on the overall k’s for the day.

We snuck out of Awaba on Frogmouth rd and then followed Jenkins trail and Becks Rd out towards Freeman’s Waterhole. At this point, Scott was running on fumes and knew he wasn’t going to be able to finish the ride. Admirably, he elected to ride back to Weston on the asphalt rather than call in a lift home. So we parted company at the junction with another sneaky B-rad single track.

to be continued….

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