HMBA rd 5

30 05 2010

What a great day. I am so relieved we didn’t make a decision about whether to race or not until the last possible moment. If we had to make a call on saturday night, we probably would have cancelled the round but with a gorgeous sunrise and the track damp and sticky, running the event was really worthwhile.

I actually finished an A grade race (and didn’t come last whatsmore) and managed 4th (from 6) in my grade. I was stronger than i had expected and had a great proxy battle with the 3rd place rider ahead where we where the gap was yo-yoing but I just didnt have it in me to close the gap.

The story of the day is Dr_Rob winning B grade on the single speed. B-rad was grinning like a madman with single speed pride. I am amazed at the form Dr_Rob is showing at the moment and it won’t be long before HMBA has its first (and possibly last ever) A grade single speed rider. Congratulations mate!

Also a big pat on the back is in order for Tim, Mark and Stu who ran things flawlessly at transition in the absence of the usual faces.




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31 05 2010

Ahem, I did win 2 races in A grade on a single speed, back in the Killingworth days. Oh the memories!

31 05 2010

Looking forward to this Saturday.

Weather permitting of course…

31 05 2010

Back in the killi days there wa only one rider in A grade. Back then even I managed to win a series, albeit in sport.

1 06 2010

Must have been a strange time Lenny, when they had A grade and Sport divisions!
There was actually 7 seven guys in that grade that day, including Jason English (although he rode once a month back then and was still fast)

3 06 2010

I’ve got the results on this here computer box thing. Want them dragged out for old times sake?

Didn’t think so.

7 06 2010

Of course Lenny, it will be all there on record.

1 06 2010
b rad

English was beaten by an Singlespeeder! (I don’t care how much he rode)

Not that I raced clubbies, but I remember some sweet arse, SS friendly loops at Killi in the enduros. It was the main reason I moved to these parts (you poor buggers)

2 06 2010

Oh yeah Killi was awesome! When it was all nice and worn in anyway.
Does anyone ride there anymore?

3 06 2010

Riding is over rated. We can’t all be trend whores like B-rad.

Rumor has it killi hasn’t changed, other than the access road now being accessible.

4 06 2010
b rad

you’re a bitter, twisted old man these days aren’t ya Sammoir?

Killi trails haven’t changed apart from one bridge is unrideable (sort of). Still as fun as…

4 06 2010

I am sure that bridge can be considered the ‘A’ line and the B line is just a considerable distance to get around it.   Next time we are out there, I am keen to have a crack at that bridge – I am sure the 29er will just roll over it and not notice.   Sammy is just upset with 29ers because it renders his website domain name redundant 😛

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