Pie eater 100: Part 4

30 05 2010

continued from part 3….

I had to stop at this point too as I was starting to hit the wall. I inhaled yet more food (god I was sick of eating by this point) and then soldiered on with the thought of the Oak Milk Bar at Freemans waterhole drawing me onwards.

With the sun having set, something had come over B-rad. It was like it had awakened the monster inside him and he was riding away from me. He was just standing and smashing anything that resembled a hill and I was grovelling along trying desperately to hold his wheel.

Somewhere in the dark, we missed a turn off and popped out on the ashphalt road prematurely, so we rolled along the black top into Freemans waterhole where we stopped for yet more food. Caffeine and a sausage roll were inhaled and then we were back at it again.

We picked up yet more single trail that paralleled the main road and followed it unti we reached the paint ball field. Here, we turned off and followed a fire road looking for a branch that would lead off to Killingworth and our third XC track for the day.

The fire road started climbing and we plodded along looking for this side branch. We climbed and climbed and looked and looked but this side branch was no-where to be found. We realized that we had missed it, but having climbed so far already, we didn’t really want to double back in order to try and  pick it up. Clearly this wouldn’t have happened if we still had Scott’s Trail Divining Banana Compass to lead us through the dark.

Our hand was forced, Killingworth clearly wasn’t going to be successful. So we figured our fire trail would climb up to the sugarloaf ridge line and we could follow it across to the old rail corridor, thereby linking up the abandoned tunnels under the hills and take it all the way back to Weston.

Well, we climbed, then we climbed some more, then we climbed some more and every time you thought ‘this can’t possibly go on any longer’, it would pinch and climb yet more steeply. By this stage, we were off the bikes and pushing and even that was almost more than I had left. You would crest a climb only to look up and have your lights illuminate yet another near vertical climb up towards the clouds.

It was now around 2000hrs so we had been riding for 13 hours. AK called Brad on the phone to see how our day had gone and was stunned to hear that we were still out there in the cold on the side of Newcastles biggest hill.

At a T-intersection, there was a decision to be made as to whether we continued climbing on the left branch or followed what appeared to be a descent on the right branch. We knew we were aiming for the ridgeline so figured the climb on the left branch was the most likely choice.

After an age, we finally reached a plateu and then before we knew it we were descending. A little at first, but soon after, it became hair raisingly quick (particularly with only a single bar light on low) and it began to dawn on us that we were descending far to much for this to be the right track.

To be continued….

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6 responses

31 05 2010
Simon F

So with the failure of the bike computer did you retain any track data? still very keen to know the single track off Red Hill Rd, leading to Bumble Hill Rd. I never knew anything existed out there.

31 05 2010

Your going to kill me…… My ye olde Garmin Explorist 210 handheld GPS will only store 199 data points. After which, it seems that it deletes the oldest points and plots the newest ones. The track file I have starts at the bottom of bumble hill rd 😦

31 05 2010
Simon F

So any suggestions as to where it starts at the top and how much vertical it has? Is it worth the “super shuttle”?

31 05 2010


I wouldn’t say it was worth shuttling. There is a bit to much hike a biking involved for that style of riding.

It comes off Greta rd near some high voltage power lines and picks up the great north walk.

2 06 2010
Simon F

You have also go me intrigued as to these old rail tunnels up at Sugarloaf???

3 06 2010

When I used to ride moto’s they were an interesting ride. Full of water and brown snakes. On a mtb I would take the trail up and over them, unless its all changed.

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