When life gives you a pig – Make bacon

1 06 2010

Introducing ‘Bacon’ – The newest addition to bicycle chop shop that has become my house.


Bacon is the bike i dreamed about when i was in my early 20’s. I saw photos of it in magazines and even saw one in person in a shop once. It was about the best bike I could imagine and after many, many years, I finally have my hands on one. Sure, time has taken its toll on the frame and there are cable rub marks, scratches and general signs that it was indeed used for mountain biking. There are newer bikes that are lighter, have more travel or earn more ‘bling points’, but just looking at it now gives me the same awe and wonderment that it did back in the day.

Bacon as you may already have guessed is made from all the best bits of “the pig” thereby leaving me with a frame that actually fits and a bike i could comfortably ride 24 hour races on. I don’t intend to ride it for 24 hours however, that is what the Anthem is for. Bacon is simply a back up bike in case something goes horribly wrong at the world champs later this year and I am left with two half Anthems. It will also be my wet weather riding bike… in fact, it will probably do almost all of my trail riding duties (except when I am riding the single speed) and leave the Anthem with a shiny drive line and ready to race.

Despite how much you have heard me whine about ‘the pig’ in recent times, it still holds a place close to my heart. It was my first ‘real’ mountain bike and I can still recall how fondly I would sit and stare at it while it was shiny and new. Back before I knew it was a size too big, back before the fork seal blew and was never replaced. Back before I had replaced the drive line 4 or 5 times. Back when I was simply ecstatic to be so lucky as to own such a bike. Such happy memories and more ‘first times’ were had on this bike than any bike I will ever own from here on.

So R.I.P little piggy………

'the pig' at the Helter Skelter offroad biathalon at Stromlo. Back before I realized it was actually called 'the pig'




2 responses

1 06 2010

Good find and a good build. It’s nice when things just come together like that.

1 06 2010
b rad

That hammock can stay at home if you ride there^ again

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