Pre pie eater

11 06 2010

I write this from the comfort of my lounge next to the heater listening to good music. None of which I will have tomorrow night. Particularly the heater.

What better time to go on your debut bike packing trek than during the first really cold days of winter. For those O/S readers – our ‘cold’ is pathetic i.e it might just reach zero Celsius overnight. I’m still claiming it however. My sleeping bag is rated for about +20 Celsius so I am going to be pushing the limits of comfort.

I have 95% of things packed but I keep thinking of more and more things I am going to need and there is precious little room left to accommodate it – I should have made my seat bag a little bigger šŸ˜¦

Here is the basic setup I will be taking… All up, I would guess my bike is going to be pretty close to 20kg. God I hope this trail is forgiving!




One response

11 06 2010
b rad

I will lend you an earbud on my headphones tomorrow night to kill two birds. Good music and we can spoon for warmth šŸ˜‰

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