Notes to self:

28 06 2010

I spent quite a bit of time thinking about this weekends race. Mostly about where the hell that tree came from that jumped out in front of me and swatted me like a bug. But also the areas of my racing that I can improve upon. I think I have figured two key areas that I can dramatically improve.

1. I suck at hill climbing. I get there eventually, but I just can’t do it quickly. Too much weight and not enough power is the key here. There is some serious hill work coming up in my immediate future. The B grade racers who were being lapped by Cameron Ivory describe him as floating up the hill. They were pretty awestruck by the spectacle whereas anyone watching me would be hard pressed to describe my hill climbing efforts as anything other than lumbering. Now I never expect to be able to race outright against Cameron et al, but perhaps that might have something to do with point 2 than the inherent genetics involved.

2. I often psych myself out before I even get to the start line.  I always feel I was much fitter at the last race than I am for this one. So I figured some numbers might shed some light on how true that perception actually is. We ran the same course for HMBA round 3 vs rd 6. I DNF’d in round 3 after I talked myself out of completing a final lap. So for a 4 lap total, I was over 5 minutes faster for round 6. That comes as a bit of revelation to me as that’s a fair chunk of time and gets me a quite psyched to keep making inroads in my race against myself.

In other news, my shoulder continues to hurt – particularly with abduction against resistance which has me self diagnosed as a supraspinatus injury. It is certainly better than it was yesterday afternoon, but there is clearly something ‘not right’ in there that I want checked out.  I am booked in at the physio for wednesday to get  a proper diagnosis and some advice about how to approach my recovery.




5 responses

28 06 2010
b rad

I have power to weight by the power of pi. It’s a delicious excuse.

Eat some pies so you have something to blame FFS

28 06 2010

On the pain front, take it from a professional cripple that beer helps.

Did I mention I tore my calf muscle?

28 06 2010

I am hoping the physio prescribes beer and the repetitive action of lifting it to ones mouth as my physio routine.

How did you tear your calf? Is this another skateboard accident at Freemo’s party?

28 06 2010

Nah, hill climbs on the roadie.

29 06 2010
Simon F

See … See …. see ….. fkn hills climbs kill cyclists fullstop.
Rosco you say you suck at hillclimbs but all you ever seem to create at Awaba is bastard hillclimbs …. lol jokes!! Im with brad, eat pies, plod on climbs and be happy in the knowledge that for every whippet going past you on the up is one more target for us cannonballs on the way down. Gravitys a bitch willing to slap you at the first chance.

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