Rocky Trail GP

3 07 2010

I wasn’t able to race today, but I was able to spectate and it was an awesome event. The trails at Awaba have never looked better and I couldn’t stop smiling when I arrived in the morning to find the carparks overflowing with people. That is why everyone in HMBA have worked so hard, so that people get to enjoy such a stunning set of trails.

There were some awesome results to local riders, including ‘The Cog Heads” Andrew and Stu (First: Over 40’s pairs) Sarah and Tim (winner: mixed pairs), Alex and Tim (Winner: male pairs), Robbie (Second: Male 4 hour), Craig (Winner Male 4 hour over 40’s), Di Perry (3rd womens 8 hour solo), Brad (Winner: Longest beard). I am sure there are others I have missed aswell!

Anyway, I wandered around in the bush with my camera taking a plethora of photos. I startled quite a few people as I wandered in and out of the trails but got some nice photos. Here are a few that I quite liked:

edit: oh, and here are the rest of them




5 responses

4 07 2010

Go dan “airtime” feltron

4 07 2010

Nice job on the photos

4 07 2010

NIce job on riding an 8 hour!!! How are you feeling today?

4 07 2010

Better than expected thanks. Can’t seem to wipe the smile off my dial.

6 07 2010

Gresho pounding away to victory!

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