Lucky Dip

13 07 2010

God knows what is coming in the post. It might be the exact bivvy bag that I ordered on line a week ago, it might be some other bivvy bag, or it might be a sack full of cats…. time will tell.

You see, the website existed when I placed my order. It existed 4 days later when i logged in to check whether it had been dispatched yet (no it hadn’t), it did not exist however, on monday morning when I checked whether it had dispatched yet.

There was a phone number on my invoice, so I gave them a call and no, it hadn’t shipped yet and I might possibly have it by this weekend where I will need it to keep me dry on Pie Eater 3 (PE3).

Today, the website still hasn’t reappeared but I received an email to say it had shipped. Lets see what turns up 🙂




6 responses

13 07 2010
b rad

Will I bring a spare wheelie bin liner just in case?

13 07 2010

Nah, I will sleep in the same ‘palace’ as the last trip. i.e under a tarp with my bike laying ontop of me 😦

13 07 2010
Doc Rob

At least you’ll have flame.

13 07 2010

Yes, I will use it to set my bike on fire as I walk away calling the wifey to pick me up!

13 07 2010

Rumours are you ended up sharing brads set up last time anyway.

Is this story just an excuse for more of the same? Admit it, the website never existed.

14 07 2010
b rad


We can weld with that

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