Lucky dip WIN!

14 07 2010

Whaddayaknow, my parcel arrived in the post today and it wasn’t a sack full of cats, it was indeed the exact bivvy bag I had ordered! As a double success story, my inflatable pillow I ordered from ebay in hongkong on the same day also arrived. This pie eater is going to be the most comfortable ever!

What is this installment of the pie eater (aka PE3) going to bring? Well, there will be a 7am start in Woy Woy on saturday morning and from there we ride, then ride some more, then sleep then get up and keep on riding. Since I don’t have any extra time off work, I will pull the pin on Sunday night while the rest continue for another day or two. I have no idea how far we are going to ride or what the intended route will be.

I was hoping we would make Ourimbah by sunset in time for the annual CCOMTB night race. I just thought it would be mildly amusing to sit on the start line of an XC race having just ridden 100k’s, riding my rigid single speed equipped with a tent and a sleeping bag. It doesn’t look like this will come into fruition however đŸ˜¦

Home sweet home. My fabric coffin!

What the hell is a 'chanodug' anyway?




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